Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Little Thirsty


  1. Wow! Great shot. The water drops on his beak makes it too!

  2. wow - you amaze me. Could you be my Yoda?

  3. Lynn - thanks. He was the fattest hummingbird I've ever seen!

    Jen - yoda, eh? well, my shape is certainly getting there! :) Seriously, it's all about PATIENCE. And manipulating the environment.

    I hung a hummingbird feeder on the window and sat on the couch facing it. When one would flit close, I'd sneak over and WAIT...and wait...and wait... and take a million shots when he showed up again.

    And I used a lot of windex. Because I had to shoot through the window. You can see the reflection of the lens above. I could have photoshopped it out, but I like it.