Monday, August 23, 2010

How to train your dragon(fly)

I took the kids to a local wildlife refuge, except it was noon and a million degrees, so the only wildlife out was dragonflies, and they were so busy trying to find shade it was nearly impossible to find one still enough to take a picture. This isn't, by far, my best dragonfly shot, but I do like his color.


  1. The colour is nice! And wish I saw more of these as I hear they eat up to 5000 mosiqutoes a day!

  2. Lynn - There were literally tens of thousands of dragonflies, and not one of us got a mosquito bite, so maybe that's why! In that case, I need a lot more dragonflies in my yard! We're getting eaten alive this year!

    Tam, thanks. I wish I'd gotten closer. And he stayed still longer!