Monday, September 27, 2010

Book Festival: A Well Placed Banner

This was the view on the mall in D.C. during the National Book Festival. If you want to see my description of the day, you can read about it (and see more photos) here on my writing blog.

I didn't take my good camera with me. Instead, I took an old camera that is lighter and easier to carry. As a result my pictures are much grainier than I'd like, and the color isn't quite as vibrant. I was kicking myself when I downloaded them, but then I remembered why I took the old one: the day was about running to and fro catching up with authors and not about trying to capture the perfect photo opportunity.

Sometimes my two worlds (writing and photography) collide well, and sometimes I just have to choose or I don't enjoy either one. This was one of those choosing moments.

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  1. I understand when photography and writing collide. And when you have to make a choice! The latter is the tougher of the two for me. Photography is winning right now mainly due to time.
    That is a perfectly placed banner!
    Thanks for your lovely comment over at my photo site. Made my day!