Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cherry Blossoms on the Mall


  1. Lovely! The whole blossom is in focus, and you got the Bokeh going on in the background. You have extraordinary skill, Mrs. Willis! Now, on the mall? Does that mean they were in the mall? I'm not familiar with the term!

  2. Thanks! I really love this picture. It's one of those rare ones that didn't look like anything special through the lens, but when I put it on the computer turned out quite lovely. :)

    "The Mall" is the National Mall in DC, which I totally forget people outside this area don't know about. It's not an actual shopping mall - it's the land that stretches from the Capital Building down to the Lincoln Memorial - about 5 miles. It's mostly grass lines with trees and pebbled paths. The cherry trees - a famous gift from the Japanese about 100 years ago - are mostly around the tidal basin near the Jefferson Memorial and around the Washington Monument, which is about smack in the middle of the mall. Hundreds of thousands of people come in the spring every year for the blooming. It's truly gorgeous!