Sunday, September 11, 2011


Five years ago I participated in a Freedom Walk in Washington D.C. in remembrance of 9-11. It was an amazing experience, walking with thousands of others, flags everywhere, solemn, but proud. I loved the feeling of triumph - that the terrorists couldn't destroy what was most important about this country. These pictures are from that evening.

When the administration changed two years ago, the Freedom Walk was done away with.


  1. That second shot....just WOW! It is unfortunate they stopped the freedom walk. People coming together peacefully is an event to repeat.

  2. Fantastic second shot! The color and light says it all. Too bad they go rid of the Freedom Walk, but not surprised.

  3. Thanks! They are old pictures, but I never get tired of flags. :)

    I was shocked and saddened when Obama did away with the walk. It wasn't political - it was patriotic. It wasn't anti-terror or anti-Muslim. It was pro-America. It was one of the very few purely positive gatherings in DC.

  4. I hate they did away with the freedom walk. Love the pictures though. Sunset is such a great time for pictures.

  5. WoW, those pictures are awesome!
    Dumb! That they got rid of the freedom walk! Dumb!