Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Decorative berries on a wreath.


  1. Lovely shot : )
    Those little beads are always so fun to look at & feel

  2. Now I want a wreath! I usually don't decorate, but I think a wreath and a little tree wouldn't be so harmful, right? I say that and then Target sucks me in to the decorating aisle. $300 and a Christmas-cookie infused panic attack later, my house looks like an elf threw up.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Sarah - thank you. :)

    Jeanette - too funny! You are so right!! It's a delicate balance between just enough to be festive and the elf-vomit, and the retail stores are masters at luring you to the dark side before you can shake the brainwashing off!

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  5. Try this again. I used the incorrect 'their' first time around.
    At first I thought there were real crystals on real berries in this shot. Great detail!