Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Not Quite Angelic

These German angels have been sitting on my parents' windowsill since I was a baby. We got them when we lived in Germany, and when we went back recently we found out they still make them. They are exactly the same! Except A LOT more expensive! :)

What I used to think was hilarious (and still do if I'm honest) is that these angelic symphonic members have no pants. NO PANTS! Not even underwear. So if you turn them around.... that's right. Butt cracks.

Who decided this was the proper way to make angels, I'm just wondering.


  1. LOL!! Pantless angels! Too cute. I think the cherub angels are naked, no? And Cupid wears just underwear? How art cultured got me thinking!

  2. ah yes... cupid in his diaper. And the cherubs... don't they wear togas? Or is that only in current movies? It would be interesting to see how art over the centuries has influenced the way we depict angels today.

    Still - these have shirts. Or teeny tiny dresses that don't cover their derierres. Why leave off the pants??

  3. Yes, but I am guessing their butts are dimple free and magnificent, right? :-)

  4. umm.... possibly when they were new... Now... like age does to old people, it does to small angelic statues. I wouldn't turn them around if I were you, just sayin'.